Park Village Reflections Gallery 2020

As a way of giving back to the community, I've coordinated the Park Village PTA Reflections program for the past 3 years. As 2020 is a very different year, Reflections has gone virtual allowing me to share the artwork and literature these Penguins have created.

This year's theme is "I Matter Because..."



Bailey B. – 3rd Grade

I matter because I am a friend

This picture is of me with friends who wouldn’t have me as a friend if I didn’t matter.

Guo,Victoria - _VisArt.jpeg

Victoria G. – Kindergarten

Magic Treehouse

I matter because I take care of my baby sister when mom and dad work. Especially during COVID-19, we all stay home and mom and dad have to work. I'm a big girl now so I can babysit my little sister. And, I wish we have a big tree house in our backyard so that I play with my sister every day in there.


Jade C. – 2nd Grade

I matter because I care!

I matter because I care! I care about bees. I take care of the flowers in our backyard so that the bees have plenty to eat. I care about polar bears. I made a sign calling people turn off their engines for waits and save polar bears. I care about sea turtles. I adopted three baby sea turtles through World Wildlife Foundation. Because I care, I make our world a better place. So I matter!

Siana _VisArt - Swati Vijayvargiya.JPG

Siana T. – 4th Grade

Heart is all that matters  

There are many ways that I matter to the others. I am brave because I can stand up to bullies. I am curious to learn about things around me. I am kind to everyone by me. And I am hopeful that good things are coming! Others can count on me to help them when they need it. I will be the future of the world!



Varun K. – 5th Grade

I matter because... 

The reason I chose this topic is because making people happy is really important to me. When I make one person happy, that person will spread it to another person, and so on. Making the world happy is vital to me for having a peaceful world. I chose to express my feelings and thoughts in a poem because I love how you can just express yourself in rhyming words. Poetry is fun to write when I want to express myself in a vivid way, and I really think that writing about anything in a poem really highlights my creativity.

Aneesh_ Nayak_Literature- Bishnu Nayak.p

Aneesh N. - 5th Grade

I matter because of the 1000 winds 

This is my I matter poem. This poem relates to the theme I matter because it explains what I matter to.

Sengupta,Suryanshu - Literature.png

Suryanshu S - 3rd Grade

I matter because... 

In this poem, I share why I matter by describing how the little things in life are as important as the big ones.