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Sheltering in Place - Building Your Home Art Studio

Updated: May 27, 2020

I'll be posting videos in the very near future on specific projects. Great projects start with good supplies. Here's a list to get started.

Stuff You Most Likely Have on Hand

Black Sharpie markers – Fine and Ultra Fine

Eraser/Retractable stick eraser*

Pencils – preferably Dixon Ticonderoga pencils

Pencil sharpener


Colored pencils*

Colored markers*

*Product recommendations below if you don’t own or want to upgrade

Stuff You May Not Have in Your Cabinet

Watercolor paint set

Tempera paint set

Paint brushes

Plastic palette

Plastic water cup

Oil pastels

Watercolor paper 9 x 12

Bristol paper 9 x 12 (tempera paint)

Drawing paper 9 x 12 (colored pencils & oil pastels)

All art supplies can be purchased at I’ve included item numbers so you may easily pick and choose what you need. They usually ship for free for orders over $35. Some items are tried and true staples at my studio; I’ve selected others to keep things cost effective for one or two art kids.

Richeson Semi-Moist Watercolor Sets


Standard Colors, Set of 12 - This set includes White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Magenta, Brown, Green Gold, Turquoise Green, Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Purple, and Black.

I tend to dislike watercolor cakes and use liquid colors in the studio, however these are reasonably priced and got good reviews.

Crayola Tempera Paint


Set of 6, 2 oz bottles - This set contains 2 oz bottles of Radiant Red, Deep Blue, Bright Yellow, Cocoa Brown, Pure Black, and Ivory White.

This set includes brown rather than green. Brown is difficult to mix.

Princeton Real Value Series 9100 Brush Sets (3 options)

Natural Bristle, Short Handle, Set of 3


This natural bristle set contains three short handled brushes: Round 3, and Flat 4 and 8.

Good for Grades 1-3

Golden Taklon, Short Handle, Set of 4


Synthetic bristle set contains four short handled brushes: Round 1 and 4, and Shader 6 and 10.

Grades 3 & up. Contains a smaller brush good for detail work.

Natural Bristle, Long Handle, Set of 7


Round 2 and 6, Bright 6, Filbert 8, Fan 6, Flat 10, and Angular 6.

We use Round 2 & 8 in the studio, plus Round 1 for more detailed work.

Plastic 10-Well Paint Tray (Palette)


Not essential, but handy. You can use paper plates.

Plastic Water Cup


Not essential, but cheap and handy. Doubles as a 3.5” circle template

Sakura Cray-Pas Expressionist Oil Pastel Set (16)


Watercolor Pad 9 x 12 - Blick Essentials 90 lb - 15 sheets


Bristol Pad 9 x 12 - Strathmore 300 - 20 sheets


Drawing Pad 9 x 12 - Blick Studio - 70 sheets


*Recommended Higher Quality Items

Mars Block Eraser


Mars Plastic Retractable Stick Eraser


Prismacolor Colored Pencils – 24 colors


Stabilo Power Markers, Wallet of 18 Colors


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