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December Art Walk Challenge

As Covid continues to limit what we can do, Artskiddoo is offering a safe and free activity for the family during the month of December. On December 5th (tentatively), 10 signs will be placed around Park Village, near and west of the school. Sign #1, seen below, will be placed near Peñasquitos Creek Park. There will be 9 other signs to locate. The address for the next sign will be located under the purple square. Do the Art Walk just for fun or to win some art lessons. Once the signs are up, I'll add the locations to this post, in case someone misses a sign and wants to backtrack.

Many of the questions are open ended, they are intended to spark conversation. That being said, there are some correct answers that you may be curious to discover. I will create an additional post with "Spoilers." Correct responses are not needed to qualify for the drawing, just 10 thoughtful answers.

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